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About Us

The Division:

Established Since 1892, in Boston as one of the original Divisions of the AFLA. The New England Division is an administrative unit of the United States Fencing Association and is subject to general supervision and control under the provisions of the United States Fencing Association's Bylaws and operations Manual.

The Division has jurisdiction over the areas of eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island or as defined by the USFA

Our Mission

  • To promote, encourage and develop the sport of fencing.

  • To hold qualifying competitive events for national events as required by the USFA.

  • To promote participation in Divisional and National competitive events sponsored by the USFA.

  • To promote referee development,

  • To sponsor, run and oversee local competitive events and competitive events for fencers of
    various ages and ability.

  • To assist Divisional fencers to reach their full potential in fencing.

  • To aid and assist the USFA in all its objectives and purposes

Meet your Division Officers 

Our Mission

Chair: Jane Carter 
































Vice - Chair: Al Merritt

linda merritt.jpg

Secretary: Linda Merritt 
















We Need Your Support Today!

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Treasurer: LeeAnn Desai 
















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